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This is an all-volunteer effort, so please be patient. If you need general user interface icons, we really like the Feather and Remix open source icon sets, which match Health Icons pretty well.

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Important: Please provide as much detail as you can to help us design the icon. Including examples of similar icons, photos, diagrams, or as much detail and description as possible helps us create the best icon possible.

Icon Request: Stent

I could really use an icon of a "stent" for my app. As you probably know, a stent is "a tubular support placed temporarily inside a blood vessel, canal, or duct to aid healing or relieve an obstruction."

I'm thinking of a "tube" with a mesh-like texture. Stents sometimes flare at the end, so maybe add that so it's obvious it's not just a tube?

Some examples I've seen:

Example Stent 1 Example Stent 2

Dr. B, PhD